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Housing discrimation for elderly disabled parents

Jaxxx Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Dear one and all.  

I write because i am looking to create some accommodation above my bungalow for my disabled parents.

I have offered them the ground floor, but because the first floor will have sea views, they understandably would prefer to have the best view possible for times when they are housebound.

My property is in a row of 4 and 2 others have put first floor accommodation on their bungalows without a problem.  But unfortunately we have got some really unpleasant neighbours at a higher level to the rear of us, who have started a hate campaign to prevent me looking after my parents (I am an only child and therefore their sole carer). I have always promised them both that while ever Im alive, they will never go into a rest home and I will take care of them at home, which is what Im trying to do.

I would really appreciate some support from the disabled community to help me with my planning application to help provide the best possible care I can for the best parents a girl could wish for.

If anyone would like to go onto Cornwall Planning Portal and enter  application no PA 16/04933 (provision of accommodation for 2 disabled relatives ) you will see what I'm trying to accomplish and I would really appreciate it.  

You will also see some of the unpleasant comments people have made about why my parents shouldnt be allowed to have spacious accommodation with separate bedrooms (not that its any of their business, but they have seen fit to comment and critisize, nonetheless) , if anyone could just either leave a comment to support us and say why disabled people are just as entitled as the able bodied, if not more so, to have good accommodation, fit for their needs and if a relative is prepared to do it then all the better, or if they could just hit the support button that would be greatly appreciated.  

Many many thanks kind regards from Jaqui
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