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Fighting your LA for your child's rights

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Do not allow your Local Authority to undermine you or your own knowledge.

Despite the Government's attempts to 'make life easier for disabled young people' to access education through the new EHCP Plans, they have complicated matters and allowed the LA's to abuse their position. The LA's are stripping down EHCP's in an attempt to confuse parents, misuse their authority and mislead individuals into thinking that this new document is more beneficial to disabled young people.

READ THE LARGE AND SMALL PRINT - use your STATEMENT OF EDUCATION NEEDS and any ASSESSMENTS (OT/SALT/EP/MEDICAL)  you or your LA have undertaken, make sure any court awards are included in the EHCP, and the LA have included your Assessments in Provision of Information for the FE panel. You child's rights are being violated by the lack of information your LA provides to the FE Panel. We have no say in what information they provide and therefore are not in control of any real decisions made by these panels due to the lack of information they have received. Your case worker needs to be transparent and honest (a word they do not familiarise with) ask them to send you an email outlining the information they are providing the FE Panel prior to decision, this is your documented evidence (you will need this at Tribunal). 

BEWARE of your Case Worker's intentions and the TRANSITION TEAM's intentions they have a manager who is responsible for their actions and this same manager is the person who responds to any letters of complaint.


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