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Love pints? Can't hold one? Let's get more pint glasses with handles back in pubs!

rosscolfc Community member Posts: 26 Courageous
I was born with a rare muscle condition that's gradually getting worse but of all the things I can't do on a day to day basis the worst has to be going out with friends and having to drink halves! 
(Ok so it's not, but it's damn annoying)

to to drink a pint I have to either hold it with two hands, in which case I look like a small child taking a sip of "daddies beer" or use a straw... I'd rather go T-Total! 

So do I find my self buying two halves of different beer just so I've the excuse that "I'm trying a few different beers tonight" 

the highlight of my beer drinking has to be the German makes as all the glasses have handles, even the huge 2pint ones! 

at home i have several glass tankards and "German beer" glasses all obviously have handles and perfect for quenching my thirst rather than drenching my lap... (Due to spillage) 

so who's with me on this? I'm demanding all pubs, restaurants and bars have a selection of tankards as there are clearly as important as wheelchair ramps, blue badge parking and disabled toilets! 


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