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Blue badge for under 3's

parent22 Member Posts: 1

I have recently applied to my local council for a blue badge for my son who is almost 2. He is one of a twin and has cerebral palsy. He has a substantial amount of specialised equipment as he still can not sit unaided. When out and about we have an adapted Pram. It is a wheelchair on a Pram base which is an amazing invention!!
This is obviously very heavy and bulky and is my son when he's a dead weight and having an extension trying to get in and out the car. There is just no way I can get him out when parked in a normal size space. The council refused the application. I'm at my wits end....... He has mobility issues and I need the room to transfer him safely. Why isn't this acknowledged when a child is under three and how do other parents or carers get around this?


  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Member Posts: 358 Pioneering
    edited July 2016
    We had no problem at all getting a blue badge when my daughter was 2. It said on the form we filled in that they ignore the age restriction if the child has equipment such as suction, oxygen, feeding pumps.

    Other reasons for getting one early included having seizures and needing to get back to the car ASAP for treatment.  

    We had already had our high rate DLA mobility approved in principle though so maybe that helped. 
  • Zeezee
    Zeezee Member Posts: 78 Pioneering
    Hi I could have written your post myself. I am just about to appeal the decision to refuse my daughters blue badge on the grounds that she has no equipment despite her wheelchair, standing frame, splints, bathchair, peidro boots,ect. and they said she could walk between 20-50 metres, she cannot sit unaided or stand so obviously cannot walk. I did phone mcr council about the refusal and the lady said they always refuse if the child is under 3yrs but they are entitled from 2yrs if they have serious mobility issues, so if I appeal my daughter will be issued with a blue badge. It is wrong because like your son my daughter constantly extends as I am taking her in/out of the car and I need the space at the side for her wheelchair because it is so big and heavy the frame is in the boot and chair part on the back seat and the parent and child spaces are always taken by white vans or BMWs with no children in, so I really need a blue badge for my daughter. I do park in the disabled parking spaces with the attitude that if I get a ticket I will appeal it and although I get dirty looks from people who have blue badges ( i would do the same) as soon as they see me taking the wheelchair out it changes and usually end up chatting to them, I should not have to do all this but until my appeal is heard and hopefully blue badge issued i will continue to park illegally. But anyway try to appeal and if you are still refused get your MP involved. Like we don't have enough to do without all this but good luck I hope you get somewhere with it.


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