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A short Survey I invite you to take

Geo08 Member Posts: 49 Courageous
Good evening all,

It's your resident tamed law student asking for a favour. I recently approached a company in Norway that just won an innovation challenge award in the country for their new concept relating to assisted showering. They are very interested in the UK marketplace and I was wondering for myself what the demand is for such equipment and whether people would buy it.

I am therefore making a call to disabled people and their carers to fill out this survey for me to get an idea of what this company could do for us when they finally get around to releasing their products. The survey isn't very long and lots of it is yes / no questions. There is however space for more creative answers if you are feeling energetic :wink:

All answers are anonymous and no questions are mandatory. If you don't wish to answer a question, please do not feel obliged but I think there is a real opportunity to develop something useful here and a blank canvas that we can help shape.

The link is here: https://goo.gl/forms/cZFSfWtUAdEj2n8z2 



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