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Problem with Jaws

andrearichy Member Posts: 2
I have recently updated to Microsoft Word 2010 and when I have composed a document and want to read it word by word to correct something Jaws doesn’t read the first word of the document, the only way I can achieve this is when it comes to the new line, it starts at the second word, then you have to do Control and left Arrow to read that word, sometimes I do miss the first word, and think I don’t understand that, so then I have to read the whole document again to see what I had put or what is in the document if it is someone else’s.
I do hope that you can help with this problem.

I am totally blind so rely on Jaws fully.


  • Kim_AssistiveTech
    Kim_AssistiveTech Member Posts: 50
    Hello andrearichy,

    Which version of JAWS are you using? 

    If you go to JAWS help menu > About JAWS and tell me the full version number and the serial number I can get the team at sight and sound to take a look at the issue for you.

    Also which version of Windows are you using?


  • andrearichy
    andrearichy Member Posts: 2
    I have already rang Sight and Sound, they spent a long time looking into this problem and they thought that they had fixed it but they hadn’t, so I thought I would try you, and maybe you would be able to suggest something, but obviously you can’t, so I will ring Sight and Sound again. But thanks for your help.
    Kindest regards


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