My son's PIP appeal is this week

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Hi I am a volunteer/trustee of a charity that support parents/carers with children /young afult with all kinds of disabilities I am also a mum with two boys with disabilities.  I am preparing an pip appeal for my son on Friday 9th September.  My son got just two points and has a face to face assessment to cut a long story short because my son can chop up a carrots with adult supervision and run a bath he can access the community and lead a normal life.  Yeah but what about his high anxiety level he endure everyday which means he never leaves his bedroom, missed 8 months of school, doesn't sleep, and has an ehcp and is on anti depressants.  
As this is happening to many parents and I know a few have given up with appealing due to the stress what happens to the money that is now not claimed from these pip cases?  


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    Hi bpcf64,

    Sorry to hear that you're having to go to tribunal on Friday. Did the assessor apply the reliability criteria when carrying out the assessment? 

    The Reliability criteria means that the claimant has to be able to complete the activity

    • Safely
    • To an acceptable standard
    • Repeatedly
    • In a reasonable time

    Activities must be performed safely. This means you must be able to undertake them in a way that is unlikely to cause harm to you or anyone else. This could be either during or after you have done the activity. For the purpose of PIP, something is unsafe only if harm is likely to occur; it is not sufficient for you to feel harm may occur. 

    They must be performed to an acceptable standard. This means that the task must be done to a standard that would reasonably be acceptable to most people.

    It should be possible to undertake the activity repeatedly. This means as often as reasonably required. For example if you are able to prepare a meal once without help, but the exhaustion from doing this means that you could not prepare another meal that day, you would be treated as being unable to prepare a meal unaided. This is because it is reasonable to expect someone to be able to prepare more than one meal a day.

    The activities can be completed in a reasonable time. This means not more than twice as long as the maximum amount of time that a person without your health condition or impairment would normally take to complete that activity.

    The ‘reliability’ criteria must be considered for each activity and relevant points awarded.

    I hope the hearing goes well on Friday and please do let us know how you got on.

    Good luck