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Hi, my name is sarah76!

Hello, I'm looking into working in education or to support families who have family members with autism. I have 4 children, 3 of which are on the spectrum on varying levels. I have found that changes in support and recognition of support that's needed in the classroom has changed massively since 2001 when my son was diagnosed age 4.  By the age of 10 he was so unhappy in mainstream school that he was taken out and home schooled. However my youngest daughter who was diagnosed Age 2 (non-verbal) who is now 4 has just started at a specialist school and is so far in her element!! The support I have received I can see is vital to reinforcing a parent's ability to cope not just inside the home but also dealing with the outside world, the meetings with professionals and of course the everyday public who have little or no knowledge of what it's like for your child or yourself living on a daily basis with autism.



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