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Income support compliance visits

fileyangel Member Posts: 1
My son and daughter in law are both disabled and get dla and pip, they both care for each other in different ways, they have 2 young sons age 4 yrs and the other 5 months. My son recently had his ESA stopped so on advice applied for income support which has just been awarded to them. They now have a comlpiance officer from dwp coming to visit them and they are both in a panic as they both suffer from extreme anxiety and my son has depression, they both have a learning disability as well. My son thinks he is in trouble as somebody told them he only comes if you are commiting fraud but they are only getting what hey are entitled to, can somebody help us please.


  • buffalo
    buffalo Member Posts: 15 Listener
    edited September 2016
    you say that this couple care for eacch other in different ways.  it may be worth looking at whether matched claims for carers allowance would take them out of the income support loop.  "Whatif" calculations can be done on the Turn2us website which would show if that would improve the situation.  if you cannot do it yourself the website will link you to a local trained advisor who can assist with this.  Please assure them a visit does not mean they have done anything wrong - only that someone questions the situation and wants an up to date report  
    also it is important to have another person present when the visit takes place.  a family member, a helpful neighbour, a support worker, anyone so there is an independant witness to what takes place.  
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,628 Pioneering
    Hi Fileyangel,
    I am a benefits specialist who Scope have engaged to assist with benefits queries on this site.
    There is nothing in the information you have provided which indicates to me that your family are being overpaid benefits, unless perhaps your daughter-in-law is receiving ESA or income support in her own right and the income based claims are not made as a couple. Or unless they capital £6000 - £16000.
    As buffalo advises above, a compliance visit may not necessarily mean the DWP think wrongdoing is taking place, they may just want to check.
    At present I would suggest simply to answer whatever questions the compliance offer has openly and honestly. The compliance team will then notify your family of the outcome in writing, and if there is any issue at that point then that is when challenges could be made.
    Hope this helps, 
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