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Grant for local community project disabled facilities?

jesst Member Posts: 1
hiya all, I am  looking for a point in the right direction. I am looking for a company that will consider giving grants to a local community project. we have taken on an old community centre and as a non profit organisation we rely on grants. so far we have had local companies donate for new windows doors, insulation, paints for walls etc. our kitchen is well equipped BUT we don't have disabled facilities and are looking for a grant so we can have this in place. we are launching the centre hopefully within the new year. for local families to use for toddler groups, youth groups and community events. if anyone can be of any help it would be much appreciated.


  • abstractLucas
    abstractLucas Member Posts: 76 Connected
    Might be worth checking out local (big) businesses like sainsburys and b&q - I think they like that kind of thing.
    Might be worth getting in touch with people/groups that you think might end up using the centre, so they can give you an idea of the specific facilities they would need so you make sure you'll tick their boxes, and this would give you evidence of the need you'd be meeting- for example of a local brownie group might consider running out of ghee,  and they have a child with a visual impairment, they can give you pointers (eg levels of contrast between doors and walls, handrail on steps etc, which you could then write up as an explanation as to why you need handrails etc.
    Sorry, don't know if that's much help really!
    You say you're non-profit - are you a registered charity or social enterprise? It's a lot easier to apply for stuff if you are! Even if you aren't,  it's worth looking on the charity commission website - you can get lots of info about who the charities on their website (as in all the charities that there are),  what they give too etc - it's a good place to start at least. Many have website links or an email or phone contact - keep track of who you write to/talk to so you don't double back on yourself!  If you click here can search by stuff like what kind of projects they support, what the amounts of grants are that they give etc.
    Don't get too disheartened by rejections - I needed to raise money for my son's disabled adaptations and probably made contact with over a hundred charities - some I got 'thanks but no thanks' type replies, others I heard nothing whatsoever, but I also had a donation of £8K from a charity I'd never heard of before, so it is worth giving it a go!
    Hope that helps!


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