Is my son entitled to an enhanced rate of apprenticeship payment?

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Hi...My name is Carol ...Im new here so hello!! Im a single mum with four boys ...Sam is my youngest at 20 and has Aspergers Syndrome...after completing college and a few work experience placements he has now thankfully landed an Apprenticeship for a year...Im obviously hugely proud of him!! My question is as he had the enhanced level of ESA when he was job searching we were told he would be entitled to an enhanced rate of Apprenticeship payment? Is this true and if so how do we apply for this?

Thank you for your help.


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    Hello @Carol1962,

    Thanks for your post and well done to your son for securing an apprenticeship.

    I'm not aware of an enhanced rate of apprenticeship payment but the Disability Rights 'Into Apprenticeships The Guide for Disabled People' does go into detail about the help available including Access to work. I can't find any mention of an enhanced rate of pay as such, but there is information about additional support and this can come through the college or training provider. Have a read through the guide and if you need any further information let me know.

    How many hours will he be working under the apprenticeship and how much is his hourly rate of pay as things stand?

    Best wishes