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angang Member Posts: 13
edited October 2016 in Disabled people
Hi ,I need to get a new wheelchair in teesside ....any ideas of the most decent in price where ? Thank you 


  • abstractLucasabstractLucas Member Posts: 78 Connected
    Hi @ang,
    I'm nowhere near Teesside, but your best bet is to ask for a referral to your local NHS wheelchair service.  They will assess you and provide you with a suitable wheelchair free of charge.
    If they assess you and don't feel you need a chair, then you will have to get your own - there are lots of specialist places on the Internet but if you're just after a fairly basic chair then I'd recommend looking in Argos - http://www.argos.co.uk/search/wheelchair/ - they have self propelled models (with the big wheels at the back that you push yourself, but also have handles at the back for someone else to push you with) and attendant models (which have small wheels at the back and can only be pushed by someone walking behind the chair).

    Good luck!


  • angang Member Posts: 13
    Thanks Lucas I didn't realise argos had them ...I had one on loan from a friend ....x
  • abstractLucasabstractLucas Member Posts: 78 Connected
    I would never have thought to look in Argos either -  I only know because a friend told me after her child needed a temporary one after breaking a leg and the NHS has so many criteria to meet before they will supply one.  My son meets the criteria with ease so luckily (?!) we've never had to spend to get one!  The handy thing with Argos is that they have them everywhere and delivery is affordable, so thought it might be worth a mention!
    Good luck!
  • nanof6nanof6 Member Posts: 200 Pioneering
    hi,Ang, i will say if you have it from the wheelchair service, it will be  serviced every year,and any breakdowns, with no expence to you, it saves a lot of worry. i was refered to the wheelchair service by the OT at my hospital,if you need it for a long time its best to try them, saying that, it does take a long time to go through,if you get an electric chair  you have to have your door changed to a low thresh hold and a ramp, otherwise they wont let you have one,i only no this because i changed from a manaul to eletric in april. its freedom, no one to push me, good luck with the serch Ang. 
  • angang Member Posts: 13
    Thank you so much x
  • Innit4lyfInnit4lyf Member Posts: 4
    Hi there ang

    try gumtree, or local ads see you GP for referral to the NHS wheelchair services, or type it in google/bing and look at the ones that interest you...

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