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Pip - Change of diagnosis

I qualified for Pip and was given the lower rate. At the  time of I filled the claim I thought that my diagnosis was Piriformis Syndrome  (Sciatic Nerve trapped in back muscle.)
However I have had an MRI and the results state that this isn't the case.
 I actually have Osteoarthritis in the lower part of my spine.
  :'(  I'm absolutely devistated that my pain level and condition is NOT going to get better. In fact it's highly likely that it will get worse.

Will this official diagnosis from the Hospital  change the rate of my Pip payment ?
And is it worth reporting it as a change of circumstances?
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  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,692 Pioneering

    Hi Liz

    An important thing to note about personal independence payment (PIP) is that whether you are entitled to it is based on how your condition affects you and not the condition you have. Whilst obviously a diagnosis in important and goes some way to suggesting how someone might be affected, PIP looks at how many points you score on a number of activities.

    I suggest you have a look at the activities and see if you score more than the award you currently get. You say you get the low rate but is that  the standard rate for daily living or mobility? To increase an award from the standard rate to the enhanced you would need to score 12 points. You can look at the PIP activities here.

    Remember you need to consider whether you can carry out the activities within the PIP assessment reliably. This means considering whether you can complete the activities:

    ·         Safely – in a manner unlikely to cause harm to themselves or to another             person, either during or after completion of the activity

    •        To an acceptable standard

    •        Repeatedly – able to repeat the activity as often as is reasonably required

    •        In a reasonable time period – no more than twice as long as the maximum          period that a non-disabled person would normally take to complete that              activity.  

    You should inform the DWP of any change in circumstances you think could affect your entitlement to PIP so a diagnosis could in some cases be relevant to this but remember entitlement is based on how your condition affects you and not the condition you have. 

    However be aware that if you tell The DWP your needs have changed they could decide to review your award and this carries the risk of them lowering it as well as increasing it. So it’s worth looking at the points before you contact them because you might just be informing them that although your diagnosis has changed your needs remain the same for the time being. Obviously if your needs have changed then you should tell them but that will trigger a review and the risk that goes with it.

    Hope that helps and please post back on here if there’s anything else.

    Best wishes


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  • Liz_Green72Liz_Green72 Member Posts: 8
    When I questioned the DWP about why I received the lower rate for mobility and daily living I could see where points were denied.
    (Which looked to be on purpose)
    And it basically came down to what the Assesor said.
    It didn't seem to matter what I couldn't do.
    And the fact my husband does EVERYTHING for me.
    Or that I'm in constant pain. :'(
    I  consider myself lucky if I can sleep more than 3hrs a night.

    IE. The Assesor's solution for cooking / prearing food:
    *Point denied because -
    I could - Sit on a stool in the kitchen!

    But how is that going to help me lift pans of boiling water or plates ?
    Or help me remember what I'm doing?
    (I've already burnt my arm because I forgot I boiled the kettle and put my arm through the steam)
    Even trying to stand long enough to  butter bread is agony  :'(
    I can't even carry a tray of food from the kitchen without crying in pain.
    So how am I going to lift a stool!?
    The fact is I DON'T cook.

    Bath / shower 
    If no one is there to help me get in or out .
    I now have a comode seat downstairs. Because I would wet myself trying to use the stairs. 
    *Points denied because - I can sit down and stink Until someone can help me And crawl upstairs in tears.

    Dressing myself 
    If no one is there to help me reach clothing and put it on.( I end up wearing dirty clothes. As that's all I can reach) as well as having to dress sitting down. Because I can't bear the pain from standing.
    *Points denied because :
    I can wear dirty clothing and sit down while I pull it on..

    My husband has to remind me to change my Morphine Patches.
    Re-order medication which is delivered by the Chemist. 
    (I forget if I've taken medication or take double.)
    *points denied because - I can take medication 

    So you see I'm fighting a losing battle. Because whatever I said the Assesor had an answer for. Even if the answer was unworkable or silly.

    I now live a pointless existence in constant pain, in my bedroom taking extremely painful walks along the landing because the Specailist says I have to keep my leg muscles working. For no other reason than that.
    I go downstairs Once a day. (sitting on each step & almost colapse on to my chair in agony.) I eat food prepared and given to me. At approximately 5-6pm everyday.
    At about 10pm I  am given my medication (and within an hour I can forget I've taken it.)
    I crawl back upstairs. Once a day. To go to bed, in tears by the time I've used the bathroom.
    Everything is done sitting as much as possible.
    I then take the painful walk along the landing and land on the bed in agony. Where I wait for the painkillers to knock me out.
    I wake up at 3am (ish) to begin the day again. Wearing my PJ's as there is no point in dressing.  :s
    >:)  Ubiquitously Unique & Anything but Ordinary  o:)
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    When was the decision made?  Sounds like you have excellent grounds for appeal (and 68% of appeals are successful).  If you are within the time limit for making an appeal, I urge you to do so.  If the time limit has expired, you might still be able to make an appeal.  Ask the experts on this site.
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