Hi, my name is JasonH0601!

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Hi I'm Jay and back in August 2007 aged 15 I suffered from a brain Hemorhage which is where all blood vessels in the brain tangle up which caused something called an AVM to occur on my brain which this left me comatised and being tube fed this time 9 years ago. Thankfully I awoke from the coma but with a lot of complications such as unable to walk or run!!! To which this day thankfully I can walk again but still trying to get running again!!!


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    @JasonH0601 hello Jason how are you? I didn't have anything happen to me so that was as serious as you went through but it did leave a lot of neurological damage to my body. I haven't been able to run for I think 6 years now. I think if I ran I would just trip over my feet and fall down. I think about running a lot. I miss being able to run. I would think if I tried to run I would just take a good tumble. When I was healthy I jogged 3 miles every day, rain or shine. I really miss it. I try to think about what it was like to run and I can't seem to remember. I don't think I'll ever be able to run again but I really hope that you can some day. Good luck to you Jason.