Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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ESA held on account until WTC overpayment repaid

I'm in a catch 22 situation.  WTC wrongly advised me I was entitled to WTC even though I told them I was not working and on ESA with support and a PIP.  They admitted they advised me wrongly (via an advisor) and it finally stopped.  I've just received a demand for repayment of WTC.    In the meantime ESA stopped payment whilst I was receiving the WTC and 'held' this in my account.  The amount held is higher than the amount owed to WTC.   A ESA Maintenance advisor said he would take 'ownership' of this problem and has been trying to contact various departments to see if they can release the amount owed to WTC direct to WTC and then release the difference to me.   My problem is WTC want full payment by 6 November.  I don't have that money.  ESA do!.  Is there any way of me getting help to get ESA to release the WTC amount either direct to HMRC or to me to pay HMRC and/or getting the rest of what is held on my ESA account released to me?  What recourse do we have to claim for stress, loss of benefits owed etc when it comes to these two government departments (ESA and WTC)?  I just don't understand if they can see each other's systems and the amounts involved why they can't do internal transfers (with my permission) to clear this problem and then release the money owed to me. 
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