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suspected mild cp

hart1 Member Posts: 1
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My little boy is 1 born 7 weeks early by emergency c section due to me having an appendicitis during pregnancy.
he is reaching his milestones sitting up and rolling over but we have noticed that his right hand is much weaker that his left. We pointed this out at our last checkup and a physio came to look at him. After some probing she told me that she suspects he has mild cerebral palsy and will refer us bacj to consultant. We have an appointment next week but I just feel so anxious and scared not knowing what this could mean for him and his future just wondering if anyone has been through the same - how are your children Now? I'm just holding on hope that it is mild and that he will be ok. 


  • Jgeek
    Jgeek Member Posts: 66
    Hey it must be a hard time not knowing I have cp and my parents would never admit it but I'm sure, like every parent you want a 'normal' baby. Cerebral Palsy is such a wide term and people are effected in such different ways- IF your son does have cp mild or not, I wont lie, you may need to be a fighter & later your son but strength makes a person, there is alot of help out there now its just about knowing how to use it. My cp is quite severe but I went to mainstream school , have 3 degrees & full time job, I have to consider my condition in most things but I'm used to it now and I find a way around most things I want to do.

    Good luck, hopefully you'll get good news, but if you don't he'll find his way, don't get bogged down with doctors predictions mine were wrong, and everyone is unique and special. Let me know if you want to chat anytime :-)
  • mousie1
    mousie1 Member Posts: 7
    I was 15 months old before being diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  I attended the same schools as my other siblings, and left school with 8 CSE's.  I have worked in very good office jobs.  A diagnosis of cp is challenging but depending on the severity does not have to be terrifying.  We are all different, no two people with cp are ever the same.  We can have the same traits but won't be identical in the way we are effected.
    I would consider going down the route of compensation if you do get the diagnosis.  It was too late for me.  I was advised it has to be done before child is 5 years old I was told.  An orthopaedic consultant will diagnose.
    i go to the top orthopaedic hospital in the uk for CP.  It's the Robert Jones & Agnes hunt hospital in Oswestry.  They are fantastic and specialise with cp.
    get a referral there from your GP.

    best wishes
  • OlliHannah
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    It must be a really worrying time for you not knowing exactly what the diagnosis may be. If you contact the Scope Helpline on 0808 800 3333 they will be able to put you in touch with a local Information & Advice Worker who can support you to find both the practical & emotional support that you need.

    Good luck for the appointment and let us know how things go


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