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Night tube for people with disabilities

Hi! I'm currently doing some research about how the night tube is accessible for people with disabilities... And also nightclubs! I would love to know your opinions, here are some questions but feel free to say whatever you think needs to be heard. 

- The night tube is one of the biggest improvements of TfL for public transport. But do you think they were thinking about disable people? – For example, less than a 30% have wheelchair access.

- Do you think nightclubs are inclusive or not? Why?

- What do you think could be better?


  • Sam_Alumni
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    There's an article here about clubbing as a disabled person including our wonderful @SamanthaRenke16 that you might enjoy.

    What have other people's experience of clubbing been?

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  • Waylay
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    I don't club these days, but when I did, I found most clubs seriously inaccessible for me. I have chronic pain, and can't stand for more than 10 minutes at a time. In most clubs there are very few (if any) seats, especially in areas where performances might be happening, and those that do exist are often up or downstairs, which puts us away from the action, the dance floors, the bars, etc. Bathrooms are often up or downstairs too. I once called to ask in advance whether there were seats available, and whether one could be reserved for me. The guy I talked to basically said, "Why would disabled people want to come to a club anyway?" Sigh.

    Night buses are pretty good, except that if the driver is late and decides not to pick you up (if you're in a chair or using mobility aids) you have a looong wait for the next one. Night Tube is less helpful because yeah, very few disabled accessible stations.


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