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Hi, my friends son has cerebal palsay and needs new friends able bodied and/or with disabilities

lifeohlife Member Posts: 2
hi, my name is liam,  my friend anita has the most loveable and loving, handsome son who is an independent wheelchair user who goes out alone in his car for a day needing no help or anyone with him and he often does.  he lives  in England and is 24 years old, with the funniest quirky sense of humour and when i phone my friend he always says hi and we chat and he ends up cracking me up laughing..
he is so clever and quick witted with  A levels up the wazu!,   a very intelligent young guy.
the problem is that he is isolated and finding friends is so so difficult for him and as i was unable to make new friends for different reasons, at his age, i dont want it to be the same for him,  he is very shy until he gets to know people,  same as i was at that age, you know.
anyway i would be so grateful if someone could help as he needs to find some friends his own age now with or without disabilities.
its such a waste that he is alone when he is such a great young guy with so much to offer,
so if anyone would please help with any ideas as to how to get him out and about with young adults his own age to socialise and have fun with please please anything or anyway you can point me or whatever you know that could help i would be so very grateful.
its just a shame as i know that if he could meet new friends with or without disabilities they would love him and he would flourish.
i live in omagh in ireland so i only get to chat to him by phone as we havent been able to visit our friends for many years now.
anyway thank you so much for listening to me im not sure what info i am allowed to post here as in ( a mobile phone number )  but if its allowed please ask me or message me for any further information you may need that i can give you.
thank you so very much for listening and with hopes for any help you can give.
liam jessup


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi Liam, welcome to the community!

    Perhaps you could suggest your friend join the Scope communityhimself and then he can get involved.  We have a great group here with tons of experience that he could benefit from if he wants.
    In the interest of internet safety, it is best you don't share your phone number, but other members can comment on your post and contact you that way.


    Senior online community officer
  • lifeohlife
    lifeohlife Member Posts: 2
    hi sam,  thank you so much for such a warm welcome. 

    you are quite right and it is a very good idea.  my friend is always phoning me about things she has read on scope,  the problem is that he is very shy and we are both working behind the scenes,   if you know what I mean to try and find something to give him the courage to break through the shyness,  just get him to push through so he will see if he did he would hopefully meet people and wonder what he was so worried about,   after getting involved and maybe meeting some new friends.
    its very difficult for his mum though as she doesn't tell him about going on the scope site as it would panic and upset him.
    its very hard for his parents and breaks my heart as I want him to live his life and not just sit in a room and let it slip away.
    I have joined scope now without telling anita and  im fairly sure that she will be furious with me for overstepping my place,  so I'm dreading having that conversation but like you say at least now I can get involved and read through to find things on the site that I know he would be interested in and could then mention something he would join or go to.
    ive read a fair bit so far and its very saddening at times, you know.
    however I will keep reading through the site and believe i will find something he will go for.
    thank you also for your advice about internet safety as I just wasn't thinking and for your kindness, help and advice. its much appreciated.
    take care and very best wishes Sam.
  • Alex
    Alex Scope Posts: 1,305 Pioneering
    Hi @lifeohlife!

    Where about in England does he live? We have information and advice workers around the country who might know about local groups he can get involved with?


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