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Mild CP and managing day to day life

jeanarusselljeanarussell Member Posts: 5
I am the parent of a young adult daughter with mild CP. We are always looking for ways of managing day to day life, to help her maintain the ability to work and live independently. The biggest issues she copes with are fatigue and change of mood.  
Any suggestions?
Thanks J 


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  • RegReg Member Posts: 26 Courageous
    Hello Jean

    I have mild CP and am retiring from full time work in my early 50s . I wish I had been told as a young adult about the impact of a job involving too much sitting and so had found a less sedentary job and had fully kept up with the physio exercises , pilates and yoga to try and combat the effects of ageing and CP.

    As for fatigue it is a difficult one as I find baclofen completely draining .I have not found anything else effective to reduce muscle spasms so it is a difficult balance.

    It is probably a hard task to find a job that your daughter can physically cope with but that is not too  sedentary but hopefully the right job will also help her with change of mood and tiredness. 

    I have found a refusal to accept the word 'no ' certainly helped keep me in work for as long as I have been , that and an appreciation that having mild CP is a very fortunate problem to have in comparison to the struggles some face.

    I hope that helps - I know my mother still worries about how I cope - despite my reassurances that I really feel rather lucky in having been able to work full time for as long as I have.


  • jeanarusselljeanarussell Member Posts: 5
    Thank you Reg for your response, it is a first for us to have someone who has a  first hand understanding of mild CP. I will pass on your message to my daughter, I certainly have found it useful. Kind regards, J
  • emmalivemmaliv Member Posts: 17 Connected
    Hello Jean
    i have mild CP too. I am now 40 and have 3 young children. Up until last year I was also a working mum. Things have got difficult as my hips have deteriorated and I needed major surgery. 
    As others have said I have always felt lucky to have CP mildly however as a consequence I did not make allowances for my body. Tiredness is a real factor especially when I started work. As others have said it is so importance to keep your fitness level up and maintain a good core with things like Pilates and swimming. I was told in my twenties but didn't really listen and understand. I would say that like all women we have to be aware of body maintenance but with CP this is extra important. Fatigue and tiredness are big factors and that alone can effect your mood. I would say be kind to yourself and think about working to keep your mind and body active but not too much that it is detrimental. It is ok not always to keep up or work the same hours as other - you still have value in the work place. 
  • jeanarusselljeanarussell Member Posts: 5
    Hello Emma,

    Thank you for your advice. I will pass it on to my daughter, she is in her twenties and as you say has time to be kind to herself but also maintain her fitness levels.
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