Cerebral Palsy
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Old age

norahmaynorahmay Member Posts: 8 Connected
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Hello All
I am a 73 was born with mild CP on the left side. My mussels on that side are getting weaker and weaker, is there anything apart from Physio that would help?
Many thanks


  • maryemarye Member Posts: 14 Connected
    Hello Norahmay
    I'm in a similar position to you. I'm 66 with cp down my right side. I,m getting very stiff with arthritis down my right side. Several falls have broken my ankle,wrist and thumb.
    I go to seated excersice classes aimed at preventing mature people from falling. The excersises have strenghtened the muscles in my bad leg. Not a miracle cure unfortunatley but just a small improvement that helps. Let me know how you get on. This is the first time in my life that I've had contact with other cp sufferers and its very good to know others are like me especially now I''m older. 
  • RegReg Member Posts: 28 Courageous

    I am in my early 50's with mild CP. The worst limb is my right leg though I have had a number of hand ops to stop my hands clawing up.

    I thought my increased problems with my hip and leg were down to arthritis due to the way I walk and the fact that over the years I have broken my leg from falling and a number of toes from just steering off course and walking into heavy objects.

    I am told that arthritis is not the reason I am struggling but the muscles failing and have been told to take more baclofen ( that concerns me given the fatigue and memory issues ) and a neurologist suggested Botox injections. My GP said to leave the Botox until I am older so I don't know if it is something suggested for when you reach your 60s but it may be worth your looking into.

    l was also told by a friend that magnesium tablets help improve muscle tone - so far l have not noticed a difference from taking them.

    l think the answer is probably to keep walking as that helps both the arthritis and keeps the muscle contractures under control.

    I will try and look out for the seated classes as they sound a good idea - far better than the Pilates classes that I have attempted , the main struggle with those is not the mild CP but the fact that I still can not remember my left from my right so usually end up doing the complete opposite to the rest of the class. At least my inability to work out left from right masks my inability to master the exercises .

  • maryemarye Member Posts: 14 Connected
    Hello again. The seated excercises I have found helful are called OTAGO strength and balance exercises. My council paid for 12 lessons and then those who wanted to continue pay £5 a lesson. I have never taken baclofen but do take amitryptiline for arthritis pain and have found they relax my muscles as a side effect and control my spasms.Just wanted to share this. 
  • norahmaynorahmay Member Posts: 8 Connected
    Hello Marye
    Many thanks for the info, I will check it out, am also going to book up for some Physio
  • norahmaynorahmay Member Posts: 8 Connected
    Hello again Marye!
    Have just reread your post about problems when you get older, like you it's nice to know that I are not alone with coping with the problems of old age. It's a case of getting on with coping with it , or give up! That is not an option as we have fought for so long so why give up now!
  • maryemarye Member Posts: 14 Connected
    Quite right Norah May. We were given this condition and I believe our struggles  have made us better people.  We've just got on with it! Marye 
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