What benefits am I entitled to?
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Hi, my name is pattieann!

Both hubby and I receive AA - hubby highest rate and me lowest.  As I am getting older, I am unable to do a lot of things that I could do when first receiving lowest AA.  Would you advise I should apply now for the higher rate andd if so, can I get help in filling in the forms. Thank you for any advice.....


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    Hello Pattieann

    I am sorry to hear that that your health has got worse.

    You are on low rate Attendance Allowance and as things are getting harder you are wondering if you should apply for high rate attendance allowance. 

    It may be worth explaining the rates of Attendance Allowance.  Low rate Attendance Allowance recognises difficulties that occur during the day OR night.  High rate recognises difficulties that occur both day AND night.  Given this, you need to know if you are awarded Attendance Allowance for the day or night.

    It is important to know if benefit has been awarded for the day or night.  This is because, if you have Attendance Allowance for day time care needs, to increase your award to high rate, you will have to show that you also have night time care needs. 

    An Attendance Allowance award letter can detail if you have been awarded benefit for day or night time needs, or you can contact Attendance Allowance on Telephone: 0345 605 6055  and ask if you receive benefit for day or night needs.

    It is worth mentioning that when you ask Attendance Allowance to look at your award they will also consider if you are entitled to your current award in addition to whether they can increase your award.

    Please can you post again when you know if you have benefit for day or night needs as we can then give you further information and help.



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