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Chris_AlumniChris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 695 Pioneering

Last week we published a guest post by Truth and Tails, the creators of disabled children’s fiction character Roxy the Raccoon. This week, we’re excited to announce that we’re giving you the chance to win a copy of the book, featuring the adventures of Roxy and her friends as they attempt to make the forest more accessible to all.

Book cover - A blue cartoon Raccoon in a wheelchair For your chance to win, all you need to do is to give us your own creative suggestions for potential children’s book titles/ concepts featuring disabled characters (feel free to suggest more than one). For example:

“‘Roxy the Raccoon’ – Roxy is in a wheelchair and isn’t able to reach all parts of the forest, until she works with her friends to make some changes.”

Entries will close at 11:59pm on 20 December, and the best entry will be picked by the team behind Truth and Tails. The judges’ decision will be final and Scope will contact the winner to arrange delivery of the prize. No alternative prize will be offered, and we are unfortunately only able to post within the UK.

Post your entry as a comment below.


  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
    Ok, I'll go first!

    What about a seal called Sam who has a stoma and is worried about her ostomy bag in the sea.  She's afraid to go swimming with all her pals, then she learns to accept her ostomy bag and she goes on to become the water volleyball champion of the world! 
    Senior online community officer
  • CathyInSouthAfricaCathyInSouthAfrica Member Posts: 16 Connected
    This is lovely!
    White cats are sometimes born deaf, and I read a story of someone whose cat struggle to jump, so the owners had to leave cushions where she would try jump. I bet her nose was super sensitive and she had a story or two to tell about what those naughty mice got up to when the people were out and just because she couldn't jump, it didn't mean that she couldn't solve the mystery of the jumping beans. She was in a lot of pain sometimes, especially if picked up, but she found that if she just purred when the people sat next to her, she had a way of telling them how to help her without getting cross with them.
  • winkle111winkle111 Member Posts: 1 Listener
    Freddy frog was very upset when he broke his leg and couldn't jump at all and found it difficult feeding himself but when he lay there feeling very sorry for himself he would croak softly, almost purring and his friendly neighbourhood frog would spring to his help bringing him food and rubbing against his broken leg very gently to help it heal. Freddy was so   grateful and croaked almost silently with a wry smile on his face  ready to fall asleep very contented and dream of himself one day turning into a handsome prince.
  • R1963R1963 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Rhonny the rabbit was so naughty,! well thats what all the other rabbits told him, but he didnt think so, he lives in his own bubble they said, he doesnt look at you when we talk to him, he messes up our games and jumps on us and is always singing the same song over and over again, he fusses over food as well, The other rabbits were fed up with him but Rhonny did not see he was doing anything wrong and when mummy and daddy told him off he didnt know why, he had no friends and no one accepted him, he just thought he was the same as everyone else only he was always in trouble. Rhonnys mum went to see Dr Bunny Bob after a few tests Dr Bunny Bob said Rhonny has Autism and ADHD. He gave Rhonny a book to share called I have Autism and ADHD it explained why he was different and how he could not help what he did, all the rabbits read it  and helped Rhonny by making everyone aware of what is Autism?, Rhonny now has lots of friends who accept him and hes not as alone as he was before, and he shouts out when he can not control himself " I'm not naughty I have Autism!!!"
  • Chris_AlumniChris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 695 Pioneering
    Thank you everyone for your submissions - we'll be conferring with Truth and Tails over the next few days to determine who the winner is. Good luck!
  • Chris_AlumniChris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 695 Pioneering
    I'm pleased to announce that the winner of our competition, as chosen by Truth and Tails themselves, is R1963, with Rhonny the Rabbit! Congatulations, we'll be in touch shortly via email to sort out getting the book posted out to you. Big thanks to everyone else who took part, and of course to Truth and Tails!

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