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Can We Rely On The Police For Hate Crime?

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  • Fundamentalist
    Fundamentalist Member Posts: 133 Courageous
    Hi from Fm. That's the spirit, get them told! In my long, hard and brutal experience spanning decades the police just don't want to know about anti-disabled hate crime and can you believe what happened to me on one occasion a few years ago, I was in immediate danger of being attacked on a bus and I got my mobile out and I rang 999 for the police and the dispatcher just treated me like a complete idiot and wouldn't send ANYONE and they let the stupid thug get completely away. And the dispatcher behaved more like an agony aunt than an emergency dispatcher and just didn't want to know and had such an appalling condescending attitude which in my experience is all too common. So by the looks of it it unfortunately looks like the simple answer is no, we just can't rely on the police for justice. Why should you have to take "alternative routes"? we have to pay taxes for the use of public streets and anyway in my experience even if you do take alternative routes it does no good as the perpetrators only suss them out and get there ahead of you and start on you whichever way you go so tell that to the police. We are HUMAN and have RIGHTS so don't stand for it and get them told. Also in my experience the media, both regional and national don't want to know either unless you have a more common disability involving "white sticks and wheelchairs" otherwise you get completely ignored no matter how many times you write to them by whichever route. And folk like me with severe misophonia and severe heat intolerance are not even recognised as disabled even though I'm far more disabled than most other disabled folk yet I'm treated like a complete idiot which I'm most certainly not! It looks like there is at the moment far too much condescending attitude amongst the authorities and the media and we need to get together nationwide and PROTEST and let them know we're not having it. WE are human too and have the SAME rights as anyone else so get out there and let them all know about it, they can't ignore us if enough of us get together and hit the streets. Fm.
  • Ajk110
    Ajk110 Member Posts: 47
    Hi @DannyMoore, I'm not sure I totally agree. Crimes are underreported for many reasons, one of the main ones being a belief that reporting it won't achieve anything or the person not necessarily realising that it's a crime and a police matter. We can't blame the police for that. Sure, if you aren't happy with the way a particular case has been dealt with, you should find out and follow complaint procedures. I don't think the police are trying to take anyone's rights away, but they are being pragmatic if they advise a person to take measures to avoid an unpleasant situation from repeating itself. If they don't have the evidence to pursue a case, it might be the best that they can do to advise you to try and avoid the situation repeating itself. Yes, that isn't fair, but it might be a necessary evil. I would always encourage anyone to report any kind of harassment and hate crime.
  • [Deleted User]
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  • Fundamentalist
    Fundamentalist Member Posts: 133 Courageous
    Hi from Fm. Don't forget this is the age of the "action cam" and the more of us that have them the better then we can gather hard evidence, after all the police have them so why shouldn't we? I would advise anyone who can afford such a device to get one if they need one. I'm certainly going to get one if I can find the right one. Trouble is they all seem to have either USB or HDMI output only and no old fashioned CVBS which is what I prefer as I still use an old analogue TV. Also if the perpetrators are under age then the parents should be brought to justice. The trouble with police is that they have never been so seriously disabled and therefore have never been so appallingly victimised, otherwise they couldn't have the job they have. And far too many victims of such hate crime will only feel they're wasting their time going to the police all the time they don't take it seriously enough and it certainly is serious as in my experience it escalates so somehow something has to be done to break the deadlock, it just can't go on like it is with victims of outrageous and serious hatred being treated like they were so least important. Far too many victims are isolated and alone in their suffering and need to get together with others wherever possible and get their MP's told and the media and protest, after all isn't that how we got the DDA and the "equality" act? Fm.


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