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Hello would someone be able to help me. Im in the support group and got sent a form can someone tell me more about it and what happens if i get put in wrag group? 


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    Hi @musicgirl2188

    The Citizens Advice Bureau have produced a guide to filling in the ESA50 form that might be of help to you.

    I also found this information about WRAG groups:

    If you’re eligible for ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) you’ll be put into either:

    • the support group
    • the work-related activity group

    You'll get a decision letter from from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) telling you which group you’ve been put into. The DWP will make this decision based on the information you put on your ESA50 form and the results of the medical assessment.

    If you think you’ve been put into the wrong group

    You can ask the DWP to re-think their decision. This is called ‘mandatory reconsideration’.

    The support group

    If you’ve been put in the support group, it means the DWP has decided that you can’t work and that it doesn’t expect you to do anything to improve your chances of finding work.

    However, if you’re in this group and decide that you want to take part in work-related activity anyway, you can do. Use the contact details on your decision letter to let the DWP know you want to do this. They’ll let you know if there’s any suitable work-related activity going on in your area that you can join.

    The work-related activity group

    If you’ve been put into the work-related activity group it means the DWP has decided that your disability or health condition does limit your ability to work right now, but that there are things you can do to improve this.

    You’re not expected to look for work, but you can be asked to go to a work-focused interview and then do work-related activities. These activities are things that the DWP thinks will improve your chances of working in the future.

    This information comes from CAB.

    Hopefully some members will be along soon who can give you some personal experience they've had of ESA groups.

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