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Can't get daughter to stay in her bed

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  • Lchad
    Lchad Member Posts: 2
    Hi, my daughter is 8 and has Pathological Demand Avoidance. She craves being close to me for both sensory input and as an anxiety calmer. We've tried lots but can't get her to stay in her bed, we've tried lights on/off doors open/closed, she has a special teddy, weighted blankets, comfy bedding, enclosed bed, being firm, etc. she's also on melatonin which helps to get her to sleep but she wakes by 11pm most nights.
  • SleepPractitioners
    SleepPractitioners Member Posts: 41 Courageous
    edited September 2014
    Hi @Lou
    You say your daughter has a special teddy, could you get a teddy that belongs to you, keep it close to you for several days then allow her to look after it over night returning it to you in the morning, this can act as reassurance that you will be there in the morning because you will need your teddy back, sometimes children can put a value on an object of ours better than they can see themselves as valuable. You say she needs you for sensory input, is that by just being there? if so you could do gradual exit, starting by sitting on the bed holding her hand with just a glove on, removing yourself out of the room gradually over 2/3 weeks leaving her with the glove.
    Good luck
    Max x


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