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To those who survive

norrms Community member Posts: 41 Courageous
To Those Who Survive

The world will keep on turning,
No matter what
From its outer frozen lands
To a core that is so hot,

Life goes on,
Each day and each night,
As all over the world,
Its Dementia we fight

We fight many things
Year after year,
But its always dementia,
Thats something we fear

Its called many names
It comes in all forms,
It can descend so slow,
Or like a fearsome storm

Takes over your body,
Your soul and your mind,
Eats away at your essence,
So very unkind,

What can we do ?
Is there no cure ?
I hear you all ask,
I would like to assure,

But sadly i cant,
Well at least not just yet,
Yet the fight will go on,
You mustn't forget,

And on that glorious day
When the cure does arrive
We will all raise our glasses,
To those who survive

Cc Norrms Mc Namara

Diagnosed with Dementia 9 years ago aged 50

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