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My sons inherritance off his father

trudy Member Posts: 15 Connected
edited January 2017 in Autism and neurodiversity
Hello my childrens father passed away 2 years ago.he left his pension to my rover made us fill in a form stating that my son has aspergers and that i have to help him which any mother does with there children he is 22 now.rover put the money into son wanted to buy a house like his dad wished for himself me and his sister but has been refused on the grounds of his mental state.they have not done any mefical checks on my child.he is very capable and intelligent and can make desicions for himself just struggles socialy.i was going to get him a solicitor but it maybe very son feels discriminated about this whole outcome of his late dads inherritence that he left for my son.what can he do.can he actually put in for probate as rover told me i cant.thankyou



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