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Blue Badge Renewal

Les Member Posts: 41 Courageous
Does anybody else find the filling in of the form online a kerfuffle.

The form is a double edge sword.

I had to phone the council. to know how I should answer some of the questions. The person said that it should be the worst scenario. So I said "well on the worst day, I can just get to the toilet downstairs, aided by my wife" So he said yes that's good. So I said, "but on a good day, I can walk 200 or metres with the use of my rollator, so do I fill in for the part about how far I can walk with my rollator, as zero or the 200 meters" To which he replied "Zero, on a bad day".

I then said to him, that doing it that way, made me feel like I am telling lies, and I don't like doing that. He said "We are experienced and when we look at why you are applying for the badge, we understand your answers and deal with it accordingly. So we shall have to see how I get on.

If he is speaking the truth, then why can't the people who deal with PIP etc, be as human as well.

Got a splitting headache after all of that.

One good thing about doing the form online, is that I was able to take a selfie of myself and crop it down to just my face and reduce the file size to what they wanted and attach it to the application. However they still needed copies of my Driving Licence and Council Tax Bill. Fortunately, I have a network printer and scanned the documents as pdf files, and they were sent straight to my computer. A quick email with the pdf files, were sent off.

It made me realise, just how handy (for people with disabilities), modern technology is. I was able to do everything siting at my desk.

A few years back, you couldn't have done that.


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