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my son is aged 8.5 and has quad cp. he's always been an early riser (around 6 am) but since before beg Dec it's been anything from 4.30. He has a good bedtime routine and goes down and off to sleep well at around 7-8 pm. If we put him down any later it makes no difference and he will still wake early but is then more grumpy and tired as he's lost sleep both ends of the night. We thought it was Christmas excitement but it's still persisting. 
He's not on any meds and doesn't know why he wakes so early but it clearly isn't enough sleep for him as he is shattered by mid to late afternoon and completely whacked after a week in school. He's then very irritable and sensitive which increases his frustrations. Once he is awake he is unable to go back to sleep. I think because he has lots of involuntary movements that kick in making it difficult for him to re settle. 
Many help would be gratefully received.


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    Hi Sansoc
    You say your son has a good routine and goes to sleep between 7-8 pm, to a child the difference between 7 and 8 is a long time, so you need to set his body clock to an exact time, we would suggest 8pm for his age so set the routine for that time, take a look at this link for an example 
    He may still wake initially at 4.30am but it will take at least 3 weeks for the new routine to be established.
    When he does get up at 4.30am don't start your day by bringing breakfast forward still stay to your 6am routine, so sit quietly with him until that time.
    Good luck
    Maxine and Angie