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Last Night

norrms Member Posts: 41 Courageous
Last Night............

All i did was put pepper on the wrong meal, thats all !! Elaine doesn't like pepper and politely asked "Why did you do that? not in a bad way or a horrible way, just a question thats all, THIS, is what happened next.......................

BECAUSE I AM STUPID !! THAT`S WHY !! I screamed at the top of my voice !! STUPID STUPID STUPID i kept repeating, I was shaking with temper,(anybody who really knows me will know this is so unlike me) i was ranting and raving over something so simple, just a simple mistake followed by a simple innocent question,

I HATE IT WHEN people treat me like a child!! HATE IT HATE HATE IT I carried on saying!! (I have no idea where that come either ???)

Then i went into complete and utter meltdown, not saying a word, eating my meal in complete silence, which i had now swapped with Elaine after slamming the two plates down on the table so hard its a wonder there was any food left on them to eat.

Shortly after, my Elaine, MY DARLING ANGEL asked me to sit with her on the settee for a much needed cuddle, and believe me we needed it, she had managed the situation perfectly by not responding, but nobody on this earth would have blamed her if she had reacted differently, as nobody should if this ever happens to them.

Please dont blame yourselves if you get mad as carers / caregivers, YOU ARE HUMAN !! I have no words for how much i despise this disease, i have said them all, i know acting like this is not the real me, but i sometimes wonder these days, WHO IS the real me ???


Please share if this helps

Norrms , always promising to share everything with you, warts and all. xxxxxxxxxxxx


  • iza
    iza Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 586 Pioneering
    Hi @norrms

    I would not worry to much for adding wrong herbs. 
    I have good role in life for cooking. I do like cooking and my son wants to eat home made food. 
    Thanks God I do not make cooking mistakes lots. :) 

    However, if I cook food and realised that I  added something what should not really match the taste of dish. I try  the door and if it  does not taste  good enough and I cannot have it. I chuck into bin before any one notice or have reason for complain. And I cook something different or take "Fish and Chips " from Fish House instead. :)  

    Greetings Iza


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