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PIP Help!

jorrow Community member Posts: 3 Listener
edited February 2017 in PIP, DLA, and AA
i have been award pips at the standard rate for both living and mobility.previously i got high rate on dla..i have had several strokes over 20 years. unfortunately because i see no one now for help because my specialists say they are so busy and can do no more for me they have let me go from their lists, but should there be any change my doctor can refer me strait back to them, the dwp say i have no evidence for today.i am unable to attend a hearing cos of anxiety and cant cope with going anywhere i dont go  i have sent in for a paper appeal ...will they stop paying my pips at standard rate while i am appealing as some people have told me? i thought this would be an act of intimidation to stop you applying???? ty


  • iza
    iza Scope Member Posts: 703 Pioneering
    edited February 2017
    Hi,  I cannot advice you much on benefit than the fact that if you are appealing you should still be treated as disadvantage. The only matter is if they will pay you money at the time of appeal.  Most people are force to sign on for Job Seeker Allowance for the reason to be secured with benefits payments but at the same time you need to apply for jobs and actively look for them.  
    It is total nonsense situation. 

    In term if you been discharge from hospital from you DR's  specialists , you have still medical evidence of your health problems history. If not you can write to medical secretary or PALS services and receive all copies of medical reports. 
    Once you been discharged from clinic you are automatically back for further care and assistance  to your own GP DR. Gp Dr can you refer  back to clinics or GP DR can provide you with reports and medical evidence about your health condition up to date. The DR's could explain that there is no chance of any recovery in near and further future you will be affected to the rest of your own life. 
    You also  need to request written statement based on your own state. This will be your evidence. If the DR cannot treat you than there is nothing to do about  it  what you  need to  do is to fight for your right as disable person. 

    I will also ask @BenefitsTrainingCo to advise you here as well. 

    I hope you will sort your matters soon. 


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,665 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @jorrow I have moved your post to the ask a benefits advisor category so hope they will  be able to help you.
    Senior online community officer
  • jorrow
    jorrow Community member Posts: 3 Listener
    thanks for the help

  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Community member Posts: 2,621 Pioneering
    Hi jorrow,

    No, they will continue to pay your PIP at the rate you've been awarded whilst you've appealing. What you may have heard is that the tribunal has the power to look at the whole award again. However, they will warn you if they are going to do that. I think Iza's response is about ESA, not PIP. You definitely do not have to sign on or look for work because of your PIP result.

    You say you've sent in a letter for a paper appeal. Are you able to write something explaining why you should get the enhanced rate - going through the points that you think should apply to you? Even if you don't have specialists to provide evidence you can give stories from your everyday life of what you can and cannot do. Have you already asked for a mandatory reconsideration and got an MR notice which didn't change the decision?

    As you aren't able to go anywhere, you could see if a local advice agency like a CAB would come out to you to give you some help with the appeal.

    The PIP self-test might help you to see where the points come from. You need to score at least 12 points in the daily living activities, and 12 points in the mobility activities, to get the enhanced rate of PIP.

    You have to think not so much about the strokes as about the effects they've had on you. What you can and cannot do. If you can't do things safely, repeatedly, within a reasonable time (no more than twice the time it takes most people) and to a reasonable standard, then you can't do those things and should get some points.

    The Benefits Training Co:

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