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Hello lovely people!

MotherOfAnAngel Member Posts: 2 Listener
My name is Renee and I am the mother of a funny, loving, friendly and beautiful little girl. She is seriously a blessing on earth, and brings light wherever she goes. I cannot count the amount of times people have mentioned my daughter as being their "inspiration" or "motivation". She just brings out the happiness in everyone. She has recently been diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy, after loads and loads of doctors appointments, tests, speech therapy and physiotherapy sessions. I have always known there was something different about her ever since she started walking and talking. Most of her developmental milestones were delayed, talking, crawling, walking etc. But being my first child, I just felt that maybe I was worrying too much, especially since everyone told me (including her doctor) that "Every child develops at their own pace". It wasn't until she got back from school one day that I noticed that her right foot seemed to have a slight tilt in it. I checked her over and did my own tests with her, and lo and behold... I found that her right foot and leg was weaker, smaller and less flexible than her left. She couldn't even stand on one leg (right) without falling over. I felt like such a bad mum for not noticing it sooner, she was 5 for goodness sakes :( . But the doctors reassured me that sometimes (since it is soo mild), these issues go unnoticed. But I guess I am just glad that I have discovered it now and we are taking steps to support her and help her. 
I honestly have no idea how the condition developed. I had a good pregnancy and a natural labour with no complications. The only thing that she had a few days after birth was a bit of jaundice, but that went away, with the midwifes constant monitoring. So I really don't understand why or how it happened, whether it was something I did/ didn't do during pregancy, e.g. taking the right vitamins, minimising stress etc, resting (I was always up and about during pregnancy). I tried to eat as healthy as I could... but still, this happens. It's quite depressing at times, but being around my daughter usually cheers me up since she is soo loving towards her mummy and smothers me with hugs and kisses. 
I don't know what to think, but I do believe having others that I can relate to can help me through this journey. 

Thanks for reading my essay (gosh I can go on a bit haha) 
Hopefully, I can communicate, get advice from some other parents or individuals going through similar situations, and we can help each other get through this.
*Sending you all virtual hugs* xx



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