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Looking for part time work/volunteering for my son 17 years old

hello everyone, my son is turning 17 this year and thinking ahead is scary! I would hate for him to finish college and just be stuck at home, I would really like him to work even if just part time for his own quality of life and social life. He is autistic but I would say mild? His very socially unaware and immature for his age. Does anyone know of any websites that can can help find jobs for kids with disabilities? I don't know where to start? Would be very grateful for any help or advise. Many thanks Vicky 


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    Weclome to the community @scope123
    I always wander why new members does not say where do they leave. 

    It would be easy to advice. 



    http://https//volunteeringmatters.org.uk  This organisation supports young people wanting to get to employment  who are disadvantage too. It is in Hackney. 

    http://http//www.centreforbetterhealth.org.uk This organisation is also running a project for disadvantage people

    Get in touch with volunteering centres in your local area. 

    The other is to set up own business (product or service) if you have any  financial support provide you son setting up little business even via net.  But this is really brave step into life as long as you can support or have someone who could support you both. 

    Have a good evening. 


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    Remploy specialises in helping those with disabilities and learning difficulties to find work. They have online services that might be useful when he is due to finish college. (sorry I have problems with links but you should find it easy enough on google.

    Another useful source is LDWEW (Learning Disability Work Experience Week) have their own website and is run by Mencap. Don't be put off by the title or the official week. I just spent two weeks supporting a young man with Aspergers in his placement within our team at work. Due to him currently studying two nights a week he only got three days each week, so my manager is looking to give him a further two weeks in the near future.

    Your area should have a local volunteer centre who should be able to help with volunteering opportunities. Your local charity shops may also be able to offer some hours on a voluntary basis.

    If you live in a housing association property also check if they have any services in helping people into work. With the welfare reforms many now offer some kind of service.

    The college is also likely to have a service to help students find work, so don't forget them either.

    There is a lot of help available for getting into work, many won't kick in until he finishes college, but finding them now will at least help you to plan early on what steps to take next.

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    Thank you both very much for replying that's great and a few things to look into, I'm In Tendering, Essex thank you both. 
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    https://www.volunteeressex.org/ is your local volunteer centre and has a lot of information.

    As an individual I stood alone.
    As a member of a group I did things.
    As part of a community I helped to create change!

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