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Tell us your reasons to be cheerful

Chris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 689 Pioneering
We're very pleased to declare this new discussion category for positive stories open. The idea is for this to be a place where lots of little reasons to be cheerful can help to spread a little bit of positivity across our community of disabled people, parents and carers. And for that we need YOU.

Looking through the community on any given day, it's hard not to see the hardships and battles faced by many on here, whatever form they may take. In these times, as well as being able to seek support and advice, it's important to keep one eye on the rays of hope that often emerge in life, and on the things that bring a smile even in difficult times.

So, give us your positive stories, your reasons to be cheerful just aching to be told, big and small. Share with the community your successes - such as being awarded PIP after a long struggle, or conquering a limitation that once held you back. Tell us the things that make you smile, from the birth of a grandchild to the discovery of a new exciting pastime. Share with us your reasons to be cheerful.

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