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Disabled Role Model

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  • GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    Good Evening @Danny Moore you must have felt low with the abuse of your neighbourhood. But you made a positive decision by bumping into strangers and took up what they said. You not only have changed your life around with the invitations but also made new friends. Epilepsy can be controlled by medication but you have not said if this is controlled or not. If you need more advice and help on epilepsy please get back.  With Asperger's Syndrome you have made a step forward and educated people who probably never heard of your disability, and open. You are a inspiration to anyone with disability that you can share and feed off from it 2 churches of many more by now that disabled people do have talent, well done Danny You have a right and reason to be cheerful.        
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  • bendigedigbendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering

    Its nice to hear that some churches are still playing a useful role in our communities.

    the ones near us are ether full of "morally superior" hymn singers or fire and bimstones peddlars.

    I'm so pleased for you :)  it sounds as though the whole thing has been a realy positive experience for all concerned.

    I wish there were groups like that near to us.   Everyones a bit gossipy here and predjudice runns rife!   I wish we could escape :(  Id love to encounter an experience like the one that you have related.  Its been so long since Ive met any "nice people"
  • izaiza Member Posts: 471 Pioneering
    Hi @DannyMoore, becoming a disable role model is very important this days. Not only healthy adults do not understand disability not children. Children only understand that disable person os person using wheelchair. Excluding disable children does not help at all as they do not have social life and healthy children cannot learn that being different does not harm. 
    If you are already speaking in your local church about your health problems perhaps would you like to become the life voice (personal speaker) and share the experience with wider spectrum of public. 
    You are confident already perhaps you could speak professionally even organise workshops for schools. 
    I hope you are having great weekend. 

  • GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    At times it is good to release the frustration in a responsible way and by reading the feed backs it is good to be civil and have a understanding for each other. Know matter what part of life we live in we have Scope Site to call upon and if things do get out of control you always have a number free phone 0808 800 3333  if it is a specialised inquiry you are in need of help. Iza even your advice is encouraging to take it out into schools. Danny you will find there is at epilepsy small training programme how to get the message over. You already have the answers in your head with the experience. bendigedig again your understanding and support that only you was close by you would be here. If only we all could live in a world of peace. But while we have such greed we are just decayed into the trap of corrupt world. Take care all have a nice evening.   
  • izaiza Member Posts: 471 Pioneering
    Hi @GeoffBosworth195661
    I do agree with you saying that I wish to live in a peace and peace was  all over the World . It would be so beautiful. 
    All equal, all respect each other and help each other. 

    I just wonder when people will understand that God created us and allow us to leave here on planet Earth. How many thousands  years of stupid Wars and fights passes already how many needs to be more. 
    When you will have a look at our Planet from the perspective of Space. We are just a little as almost invisible. From perspective of Space there is no borders between countries as you can only see the continents and oceans. I wander how many years need to pass before people wake up  for this crazy dream and realise that good life make only sense. 

    I just wonder : Does God cry seeing what is happening here on planet Earth? 
    The planet shows us the unhappiness already but storms, earthquakes and so on. 

    I think there is no more comments to add. 

  • GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    Hi @Iza The amount of billions that as been wasted on wars over 20yrs through sheer greed, oil, money, We are still paying the debt off now with shutting down hospitals, cut backs police, fire, teachers, and it just sadly goes on. Soon as light is showing we get drawn into wars that drain the country. The money could have gone into all services and even more hospitals. No human should have to suffer and as the services with no waiting that is over stretched. Our charities have all been effected by taking away funds away. It is though lives are not valued any more but you suffer we take attitude to those who promise to give you a good service, how very wrong those words crop up and cant keep the promise.  For ourselves we live in hope and pray for a better future.
    Iza it is what you say there is no more comments to add   
  • lailalaila Member Posts: 48 Connected
    edited May 2017
    Hi @DannyMoore. You re absolutely right to be cheerful, you ve been able to face your diability with courage and you ve developed your talent. I think that every humanbeing has got a talent in something, we just have to find it and work on it.
     I share Iza's point of view about peace. I think that those who are killing innocent people are the diabled not us.
     We haven t chosen our weaknesses whereas the others have the choice of peace or war but they choose to destroy what God granted humans with.
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