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Assistance dog. What breed?

Rainbow_wheelz16 Community member Posts: 30 Connected
I  am looking for a breed of dog that I can train via dog aid to be at assistance  level.  Labradors are too big and moult loads. I'm a permanent  wheelchair user with CP and I'm  asthmatic. I would like a breed  that could cope with walks about 3 times a week and medium  sized, like a spaniel. I   also suffer with fatigue and get  very cold if outside at the moment. This causes pain as my hand legs feet are literally  like ice. Does anyone  have the lead that attaches to a wheelchair, so that it's hands free? Also, is there a long handled poop scoop that's  easy to  use! ! suggestions? Thanks,


  • GeoffBosworth195661
    GeoffBosworth195661 Community member Posts: 161 Pioneering
    Good evening @Rainbow_wheelz16 firstly you have not said if you have applied for a working dog. Not all working dogs are Labradors, Have you had spaniels before as if you have it is a outdoor daily exercise dog this moults heavy. The breed loves green wooded areas which is ideal for the breed. It is unclear of choirs anything that will be heavy are the door handles high for the dog. If you are permanent in a wheelchair you can apply for all your needs and ask what you are looking for. Poop Scoops you can get them from Pets at home,  Pets Planet , long handle ones you also have a good selection at Amazon. They range from £7 upwards they have a type of walking stick handle with a grip you lightly squeeze which closes the pre prepared bag on the end. I hope this as helps  
  • anaqi
    anaqi Community member Posts: 52 Courageous
    @Rainbow_wheelz16  I'm on the waiting list for a support dog from Canine Partners.  They choose Labradors and golden retrievers due to their size.  Smaller dogs can't do all the tasks required, such as opening doors, getting the post, passing a wallet to a shop assistant, etc.  I'm not sure what breed would be best for you but they sometimes use labradoodles for people with allergies as they have hair not fur.

    The criteria for getting a Canine Partner is that you must walk your dog for an hour a day with 3 - 4 off lead walks a week.  Walking 3 times a week is not enough to keep a dog healthy, unless you can get someone else do to walks for you.  If you get cold on walks then you need the appropriate clothing (thermal, wind resistant, etc.) and maybe reusable heat packs.  I understand the problem as I get very cold easily too.  Canine Partners train their dogs to help with dressing and undressing so if putting extra clothing on is difficult for you then maybe you could train your dog to help.

    You can get specialist equipment made for attaching a lead to a wheelchair, either a hook or a spiral that clips onto the arm, and you can get leads with D rings every 12" so you can lengthen or shorten the lead as required.  This leaves your hands free for pushing your wheelchair.

    I hope that helps!  Good luck with finding the right dog :smile:
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