Hello to everyone and.... HELP!

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I'm at my wits end.... My 18 year old daughter who has hemiplegia and some learning difficulties and social issues is not coping with my granddaughter, 2 and a bit years old. My granddaughter has to live with us and also has hemiplegia by coincidence. I have tried everything but if the baby touches anything of my daughter's war breaks out and cannot be contained. The main problem is that my daughter has dolls and teddies that are important to her but which obviously attract the baby.  My 81 year old mum had to come and take my daughter away to her house last night as it was unsafe. What can I do????? Has anyone experienced anything like this? 


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    Hi @Camdengirl welcome to the community, can I just ask, is your 18 year old daughter the mother of your granddaughter? 

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    No.... Her mother is my other daughter who also lives with me. She has mental health problems so I care for my granddaughter 
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    Hi @Camdengirl

    How's everything going? Perhaps @will22 might be able to help?