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Money and support advice about knee replacement surgery

tanzytanzy Member Posts: 16 Listener
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Hi, I am looking for some advice about an impending knee replacement surgery. I've been struggling for years with various health issues, and have tried my best to put up with them and work around them, and have claimed WTC for 30hrs week, self employed. I had been hoping I might last out until my state pension, but now not so sure I will make it.

I have bad arthritis in both knees, one classed as severe, the other not far behind. I have Plantar fascilitis which is almost continual  and agony, Sleep apnea, and by hands and arms keep going numb/ alseep, and my hand sometimes goes into a spasm whereby it resembles a claw. I also have low thyroid. And diverticulitis and IBS. My coxxyx is bent onto my spinal column after a hard fall, and I have a ruptured disc in the lumbar region, arthritis in neck and wrists etc etc.

I have tried my best to do what I can do with all of this pain, but am on the point of giving up entirely. And then I was offered knee replacement on the worst knee and thought perhaps i will be able to enjoy walking agian at some point. I do not currently enjoy the little walking I can do.

Anyway, long story shortened; Seeing a glimmer of hope, as I have been seriously depressed and suffering from anxiety recently, I was afraid, but decided it would be worth the pain of recovery. Now however , practical issues are rearing thier ugly heads , namely, money issues. can anyone tell me if there is any finacial help avalable while i have the operation? IE the hospital stay and recovery time which I am envisaging as being several months probably, judging from the 2 keyhole surgeries which I have had. Because as it currently stands, i will have to give up WTC as will be unable to work.... .

I currently have a sick note from doctor for depression and anxiety, and have a motnh to notify WTC. I am waiting til I see doctor this week. I know there is a 4 week run off from WTC but that will only bring me to the time of operation. Now filled with despair, as I can not see how I can survive the after recovery time as I will have no money coming in whatsoever. It seems that after waiting so long and trying to manage, and wishing they had let me have knee replacement years ago, it has now come too late, as i cant afford to go through with it, so am quite gutted.....

My state pension has been delayed has been delayed twice, with me missing the cut off time by 3 months each time, and I also can not claim pension credit, which I miss the cutoff time by 10 days.... I currently feel that hmrc owe me about £15,o00 in pension, though I am sure they do not see it like that! LOL

But truly, am at wits end as to how to survive til later this year when I will finally be able to recieve it, and now especially, as this op means I will not be earning any money at all, and I already have rent arrears and debt issues....

I dint think I qualify for any of the various benefits ie ESA or PIP, so hoping someone may be able to advice me, or will I be limping to jobcentre the day I get out of hospital? Currently thinking I must cancel the op, which due to NHS cuts will not likely happen at a later date either and resign myself to bone on bone hobbling for the rest of my life. Sorry this intro sounds self pitying probably, and is a little longwinded! I know there are many people worse off than myself.


  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,731 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @tanzy what a stressful situation for you to be in.  Have you seen the Scope benefits calculator? You could try that to see what you could be entitled to, you could also ask your GP what support they could offer.

    If you would like to speak to someone one on one, you can call the Scope helpline on 0808 800 3333 to speak to an advisor who could give you more information and support.
    Senior online community officer
  • tanzytanzy Member Posts: 16 Listener
     Thank you Sam. I have looked at the calculator before I posted here. I have applied for ESA and PIP. Have been approved for ESA for the initial time before I have assessment.But have only recieved £8, due to WTC not signing me off on the cis system. I have sent them a letter from WTC which at least mentions the actual day the claim ended with them, so hope they might then activate full amount, which is £50 ( plus 2or 3 £s extra- I cant remember exactly what they said)Am still worried ie rnet and utilities are building up weekly, I hope they dont lose patience! Though I have notified them. Car insurance and road tax will 'bounce' and mot due next week will be a non event, due to no funds, so lots of ongoing problems in finance sector! I found ESA people on phone very pleasant and helful to deal with. I did try to phone scope last week, but was kept on hold for so long I gave up, so must have been a very busy time. In the end i decided to phone for more info from ESA and the young man  convinced me to put in a claim there and them.
  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,731 Disability Gamechanger
    Im glad you are getting help form the ESA phoneline, I can only apologise for the delay in getting through the the Scope helpline, there is sometimes it does take a while to get through as they are so busy and really thorough with every call.

    Best of luck with you claim, let us know how you get on.
    Senior online community officer
  • tanzytanzy Member Posts: 16 Listener
    Thanks Sam. No need to apologise ie phone lines. I had plenty of numbers to sift through that day!  It seem odd to me that the government has no grey area between being 100% fit, and 100% seriously ill!
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