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nadia_82 Member Posts: 8 Listener
My housing association knows there are two vulnerable people my 11 year old learning difficulties and my mum with heart failure and a stoma bag they have had medical papers but does nothing but discriminate they havnt offered any support and I believe they have contributed to my mums health before I moved in with her they would be aggressive with her she doesn't read or write well and they have put her through 15 evictions with a year of no income what so ever and now she's on Dla and I'm in her life they have backed off but doesn't offer any support also wanted to evict us 57 00 pd was being bedroom taxed for ten months when the housing decided to let me know. I know I shouldn't be bedroom taxed and they countine to charge me . I have proof and 5 years of paper work to show that the housing are not following there own polices and are treating my mum bad. I've complained to the ombudsman and my local mp but still my housing left me with no hot water and had 7 call outs because of the boiler it seems like they dnt want us as tenants 


    LDNUMBERPAIN Member Posts: 21 Connected
    Hi Nadia, some people are not aware learning difficulty and learning disability are not exactly the same and from my research it appears learning difficulty's are to often seen as family attitude issues which may help explain the reaction you are getting. I am assuming from your comments you have an 11 year old child.
    You say your Mum don't read or write well which also indicates a learning difficulty issue for which there are adult courses available which in turn may connect with support and add weight to any communication you have with your MP who will generally be more supportive of people who demonstrate they are trying to help themselves, especially through education.
     you could try Mencap which says on its web site has 420 groups all over the country for learning difficulty and some are free for people on full benefit however some need to be reminded about adult learning difficulty as its not unusual for adults with learning difficulty to miss basic IT sessions when they are unable to cope with the time framed course sylabus. and there name is taken off register by the tutors who are under contract to teach a set number of exercises per session.   For just reading and writing issues there is the very effective phonic based method for adults, 
  • nadia_82
    nadia_82 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    My mum has a heart condition and it's nothe that she can't help her self and they know annalise has development delay I just didn't go into detail
  • nadia_82
    nadia_82 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    And everyone has the right to be treated as equal so it's OK for a housing association to discriminate because your not smart enough my post was about housing not my mums ability 
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