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Ageing and CP Hi, my name is Poppy1!

Poppy1 Member Posts: 5 Listener
I want to explore ageing with CP. I've read everything I can get hold of online about CP and the ageing process and it seems to mirror my own experiences up to a point but then, I hit a brick wall. I am 52 and have had CP since birth. I have, until recently, been quite active, raising a family, working and being involved in Disability Rights. All this has slowly fallen away as I have experienced physical changes that are well documented, e.g. joint pain, deafness (too much head banging) and fatigue. These are chronic conditions that have increased over time. Just recently, I had a really bad fall resulting in my head being glued back together, like Humpty Dumpty. I was told that my blood. pressure was high. I have gained weight quite quickly and believe that part of this is due to reduced activity and the onset of the menopause but I also believe that my CP plays a part in my high BP. Daily activities such as washing, dressing, housework, shopping, talking, are hard work. I do try to exercise but have to balance this with fatigue and stiffness which result in falls as described above. There are things I can do, like spreading housework out over days rather than hours, shopping online more, eat healthy (low sugar, fat and dairy) and I try to do all these but I still feel there is not enough research out there for older disabled people, specifically those of us going through life changes, such as the menopause or just the ageing process. It is not enough to assume that our impairments will have no impact on these life changing experiences. So, if you are reading this and recognise my experiences and concerns, please share them and let's start helping ourselves. Because I haven't got time for the rest of the world to catch up.. Thanks :)


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    Welcome to the community @Poppy1

    Scope produced some information on the effects of ageing  which might help you.

    Do jump in and get involved on the community, we have lot of lovely members and this place is here for disabled people, parents and carers to get disability advice and information, and talk to people with similar experiences.

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  • Poppy1
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    Thank you Sam at Scope. I am aware of all the advice and yes, it all makes sense. I was really searching for information about the menopause and hypertension for women with CP. I know I am overweight by a stone so that needs to come off and hopefully this will reduce my blood pressure. However I still believe that CP causes high blood pressure as I never get the same reading  twice which. makes it quite difficult to know what is normal for me. I'm not on any medication and prefer to manage my pain through diet and regular activity. However, perhaps this is not enough anymore and I need to do some cardio work. Thanks again. :)


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