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Do you want to read and review books for us?

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To celebrate World Book Day we have a couple of great books that we would love to be reviewed by members of the community, are you interested? 

Perfect - Nicola Davies

"Perfect" is a story of anticipation, disappointment, acceptance, and, ultimately, love. Suffused with natural imagery, "Perfect" is an ideal way to open up the subject of disability with children, as well as being a great story in its own right. This beautifully illustrated, truly remarkable book is guaranteed to bring a lump to the throat. - Read more about it here.

Broccoli and Bloody-Mindedness: A memoir - Antonia Lister-Kaye

Born prematurely in 1931 with cerebral palsy, Antonia grows, with uncoordinated arms and odd appearance, but finds compensation in her sharp intelligence and sense of fun. A roller-coaster childhood of fury and naughtiness follows, due to physical frustration, adult misunderstanding and name-calling. Unable to write, she teaches herself to type; slowly and arduously, but it enables her to get an education. 

After winning a place at Durham University, marrying Hugo, and starting their family, she moves to South Africa where the cruelty of Apartheid horrifies her; the rebel within is reactivated. She sells aluminium coffins, then teaches black students, which aggravates the authorities and triggers their decision to return to the UK. 

The adjustment to life in the UK proves difficult. After the breakdown of her marriage, she moves into a large old house and fills it with selected male lodgers. She retrains as a psychotherapist and finds deep fulfilment in this work for many years. She also becomes a campaigner for the medical use of cannabis, which takes her to Westminster. 

Her new doctor asks how she has survived into her mid-eighties. She replies, “Broccoli and bloody-mindedness!” - Read more here.

If you would like to review either of these books for us, comment below and we will be in touch.

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