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Pushchair head support

I'm trying to help an Afghan child in Turkey, who has CP. She has a Maclaren Quest stroller, but needs more support for her head. Do you have suggestions for an insert which we could get for her? She is 4, but she is small, so a standard size pushchair will fit her for quite a while longer.

Thank you


  • AlexAlex Scope Posts: 1,324 Pioneering
    Hi @JoF,

    Welcome to the community!

    @DEMANDcharity do you have any ideas?

  • JoFJoF Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thank you Alex.
  • Blue FrogBlue Frog Member Posts: 373 Pioneering
    There's an awesome company in Manchester called Sherlock Foams (I love them just for the name!) 

    The guy that runs it can make pretty much anything you need out of foam, we have often been in there with drawings of obscure things like wedges for wheelchairs, and padding for cot beds and he has always come up with something pretty cheaply. I am sure they could make and post something if you aren't up here


  • JoFJoF Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Amazing looking company, but I don't think I know enough to be able to design what is needed, I don't have experience with dealing with disabilities, and I'm sure the family wouldn't know where to start - they've been carrying their daughter around so far.

    I have a lot of respect for all those parents and carers who have had to innovate. 
  • Blue FrogBlue Frog Member Posts: 373 Pioneering
    @JoF please could you post an email address that I could contact you on? If that is allowed on here.  I have something that might work but it's a bit complicated to describe without sending some photos x
  • JoFJoF Member Posts: 5 Listener
    My email address is joandtimfisher at hotmail.com (I avoided using the @ symbol to avoid inviting spam mail)
  • JoFJoF Member Posts: 5 Listener
     :D A kind Mum with a spare head support has offered to send it to me. Thank you everyone for your kindness and willingness to help. It's amazing to have so many people helping out a stranger so quickly. 
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