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Pip and epilepsy

wallace1 Member Posts: 2 Listener
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Why can't epilepsy  suffers  get pip 


  • emkins40
    emkins40 Member Posts: 28 Connected
    They can! I do and have done so since 2014 but it depends on how you fill the forms in! If you go to the epilepsy society website you will find an excellent guide for each component. For instance, for your own safety you should have supervision preparing food! ( even if you don't the guidelines state you should) think about if you had a seizure and had a hot pan or were using a sharp knife or getting something out the oven! There is 4 points! Having a bath or shower again the risk of falling requiring supervision in case of drowning etc another 2 points. Then you may fulfil the incontinence criteria with seizures and needing help after etc. Also your medicines would potentially affect your cognitive function making you drowsy so you might need help taking your medicines, reminding and dealing with complex financial matters. You really have to think of what actually could happen like on your worst day. No matter how well controlled your epilepsy is you have the diagnosis and you are at risk 100% of days. Regarding mobility component you can very easily argue what would happen if you were unaccompanied and had a seizure in public. By the side of a road in a supermarket etc etc and this should award you at least mobility component on a safety aspect. Feel free to message me if you need any more advice. I have learnt a lot through my own battles with DWP! Good luck Em 
  • leila3
    leila3 Member Posts: 1 Listener
    thank you for that advice my son has had epilepsy for 35 years his seizures seem to get worse instead of better i filled in the horrible assesment form telling the truth how he is  and me his mother is also disabled but dont get any help finatially because hes only on a low rate of dissability  i hope i got the message across to the em im sure they dont take this information too seriously
    looks like i will have to go through the process of appeal after reading some of the poof folk who have been totally rejected 


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