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Need to get out of this area

My son is on drugs i have custody of both his boys i had to get an order out on him to stay away from me .Him and his girl friend makeu life hell I want to move to where some of my family live another  county to keep me and the boys safe is there any help i can get please i.m scared i am classed has disabled  boys are aged 9 and 8 yours with thanks


  • iza
    iza Community Co-Production Group Posts: 529 Pioneering
    Hi @val78
    It seems like you are facing hardship at the moment. You need to stay strong and take a deep breath first. I think you need to really take a professional advice. You son and his girlfriend should treat you with respect. They both need a help from professional services to get out of drug first. 
    You need quiet, respectful place in life to help the boys grow, mature and realise their hobbies. However, before you consider any sudden life changes (moving to another country) you need to ask the two boys aged 9 & 8 what would they consider  as solution. You can be surprised what they can suggest. 
    There are not babies any more, they are growing and have their voice as well. 
    I would recommend proper counselling session first with psychologist. Please check if there is in your local area any hub, centre for better health or  even wellbeing centre providing counselling services free of charge. 
    @Sam, @EducationalPsychologist please could you advise as well. 
    I hope you will find solution to all problem very quick and it will be satisfactory for all. 
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  • Chris_Alumni
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    Thanks to @Iza and @DannyMoore for your suggestions. You might also like to give the Scope helpline a call on 0808 800 3333 (9am-5pm mon-fri). It's not really their area of expertise but they may be able to recommend some useful organisations.

  • Mol
    Mol Member Posts: 52 Connected
    Hello Val78, if you believe you are in any type of danger, I would contact your local council office and explain the situation.

    All councils should be able to help as they all have safe houses were people who are believed to to in danger can be moved to.

    There is certain criteria that is required and the council are the only ones who can inform you of this. 

    I would contact them ASAP and at least they should be able to help you.
  • iza
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    Hi @Chris_Scope

    Thank you for reminding of the number for spotting and reporting someone of being in danger. I get so much to use in my personal life to sort most if not to say all of the matters myself than thinking about reaching phone and call for emergency is last things on my must do list.
    I will take this as a lesson and try to be more careful next time. 

  • hope
    hope Member Posts: 8 Listener
    I need out area as simalar situation ill and in fear exchange is joke and housing will do nothing but say look at there property's in zoopla can't go refuge to physically ill and daughter disabled as well she's an adult and strange to some all we have is the dog that is like the nay thing we get happiness from we are Ina joke of 15yrssecure tenant and no help at all I'm sorry but I hope you get sorted and in fear nove out of area .

  • hope
    hope Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Womens aid main phone no call them they are the best help as well as shelter


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