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Hi honey, I'm home!

Zec Richardson
Zec Richardson Member Posts: 152 Pioneering
I am back, I did leave due to frustration at a certain ranting member but the coast is now clear.

I had intended to return sooner but the road has been bumpy, well more like a roller coaster.
I was taken into hospital with very bad chest pains, this isn't new for me as in '96 I had pericarditis and that was the start of the ME.
I last had the chest pains checked out in 2008 and an angiogram confirmed I was okay. The standing joke in our family is that the headstone on my grave will read 'It's okay, these chest pains are normal' and so when they got very bad and my breathing got worse I was off to A&E.

Fortunately I have survived once more, but I have been running low ever since and the spoons are very limited.

So I have just popped in to say hello, I'm here and hello



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