Autism and Aspergers
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What is more likely to bring about your meltdown/inner panic and how do you deal with it

joannarashellejoannarashelle Member Posts: 135 Pioneering
I have certain triggers that can cause my inner panic and struggles, aggression on the road can cause me to shake inwardly (and outwardly!) sometimes having to park up to calm myself, remembering to breathe seems to help me if that makes sense?

Sometimes I'm so caught up in the overwhelming situation I forget to breathe!
which of course makes panic worse and our bodies react accordingly.

I also struggle with lighting in your average shop I cannot go into a supermarket for example unless mentally prepared myself and even then I want to rush home.

I also get inner panic from people talking to each other or should I say shouting, it seems that's the way of communication these days?

Anyone else feel these are particular triggers and what do you do to help yourself?
Apart from avoiding the world in general...!
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