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How many disabled people have died ...because of benefit cuts ?

Mojos55Mojos55 Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited March 2017 in Disabled people
Does anyone have up to date figures please ?


  • GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    Welcome @Mojos55
    This disclosed exact figure is very alarming to put down over a period of  Jan to Dec 2016 but to reflect on the issue of those who have sadly died my heart goes out to all of each of the families who have had to face there loved ones to go this way that could have been prevented.
  • bendigedigbendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering
    edited March 2017

    The very fact that this question can be asked is SURREAL,

    It seems to be unfotunately very true though.  BENNEFIT CUTS have been responsible for the DEATHS of people in the UK,

    So does this make our Government MURDERERS?  At the very least this is MANSLAUGHTER!

    Somthing needs to be done.
  • GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    Hi @bendigedig
     The whole lot is just unjustified it is a terrific tragedy in this day and age and emotion at times can get high with the fact that the ones who are responsible have lost contact with the real world we live in.
    Media have the answers and this will be in the hands of justice but it is a matter of time before it is soughted.   
  • bendigedigbendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering
    edited March 2017

    Hi Geoff,

    We no longer have a press that is entirely free.  There is a very high degree of information control and the BBC has become the worst kind of establishment propaganda outlet.

    Do you think that the people who have perpetrated this crime against us amongst the countless others being levelled at our society by the corporate elite and their political lapdogs are actually unaware of what they are guilty of?

    They are most certainly aware.... They simply ...... Dont care.

  • Zec RichardsonZec Richardson Member Posts: 155 Pioneering
    I'm not sure if this is up to date and its not official but it makes you realise how evil this all is. Website here

  • GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    HI @bendigedig When the subject is involving disability we have to ask the question who is running the papers. The main share holders do I  need to say more. When we talk of other source of media debate night name not to mention we have a very bias structure that even audianceces are selected so it balances to one side. I can assure you the media that is doing a investigation into the disability are a independent NZ corporation. They have won a number of awards that certain people have tried to stop the running certain documentaries before and to it to court the same day as it was to show that night. We should never be living in a country that is full of greed, = despair as this makes a decaying society.  
  • GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    edited August 2017
    Hi @Zec Richardson I can say you have my information that is a tragedy and I respect you on doing it this way as if the public want to see they can at there own responsibility. This is not for anyone to see if they are feeling very low with depression it is worth well leaving alone. But the point you have made is the true reality that is fact not fiction. The figures that have been implemented are slightly out there is a further 3.5% more under the age of 25 that the NZ have got. Zec at the end of the day my head bows and my heart goes to the families that have to live with what as happened as still going on, Thanks for that Zec. 
  • bendigedigbendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering

    Sadly Geoff, there are very very few Journalists and media outlets remaining that have any real integrity.  Aparently in Russia Journalism is a high mortality job!

    I am encouraged to learn of the NZ group that you have highlighted.  

    I know why you said what you said about "not looking at the information". I think though that it is important that we all know exactly what is happening and that we all take a unified approach in working to stop the diabolical policies that are creating these circumstances.

    I just cant reconile how the update of the Trident Nuclear Missle System has gone ahead and been paid for (BILLIONS OF POUNDS); two useless aircraft cariers have been built and all the multi million pound planes designed to operate them have been purchased and they dont work!  All those BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF POUND STERLING WASTED! Wasted at the expense of human life!  And purchased with the intent of threatening and taking human life in the interests of American corporate greed and the oil dollar.

    We have no international significance as a nation.  That which we have is only as a consequence of our relationship with the USA.  The UK is a backward country stuck in a fantasy world perpetuated by the BBC and the like.  All our investment in a carrier fleet and Nuclear Weapons is totally unecerssary and our "leaders" (ha), have quite happily MURDERED people just so that we can be a unified force for greed with the USA!

    There is such a thing as true, pure evil and we are staring it in the face here.
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