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Not Happy with my Points Award

johnny100 Community member Posts: 125 Pioneering
I have received my PIP award Daily Living 9points  and Mobility 10 point.I have written back to them disputing points award.I got advice from this Forum and was advised that if I got my wifes assistance then I should have been awarded extra points for this,also in the award it does not mention at all the risk factors associated with any activity.On preparing a meal I got 2 point yet I get help to prepare anything.I suffer from high blood pressure for which I take Rampril,I thought 2 points was a kick in the teeth.On mobility I got 10 points,initially i put my walking at 20 to 50 mtrs,I called them and said I had made a mistake.I have today sent a letter from my doctor saying that my walking ability is limited to no more than 20 mtrs,lets me hope that this letter is accepted for me to get the full 12 points.I bet it does not.I had prostate cancer a number of years ago and can cause bowel problems for many years and was only awarded 2 point ,I had also mentionrd that I am incontinent but will not go into that,again my doctor has included this in her recent letter,also the letters I have sent,again it will probably be ignored.    ..   
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