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Hi, my name is charlie66!

Hi I am deaf mum to two teens boys.  I wish to share about school to college? My son already in first year of 6Th form and suddenly want to leave school and go to college which mean start over again.  It is difficult as he get angry with me not respecting his decision...? It is a long story but anyone experience similar?


  • GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    Hi @charlie66 Welcome firstly we have two issues as a mother you want your son to have the best education for his future career, As a mum you are trying to reason with your son but the barrier of your son is at that age where he as got his own decision made up. It is not clear if this as to do with is form as not made out what it is meant to be and possible friends have gone. This is where my teenager was going through with the same issues. I stepped back and weighed the possibilities of which my teenager was not happy and been forced to stay of the frustration on both sides occur. As I looked into it with great depth I knew 12months would be lost but it would have benefits. If he did go college he as not wasted 12 months he is fresh in the mind with his education from 6th form. This day and age 12 months comes and goes so quick and how many students have a 12 month break. Look at it that way and have the understanding he as that advantage before he starts the college. He as made a very important decision that feels right for your son and he will resent the decision of what you want. Will is education fall if he was made to stay on as when you are not happy you are loosing the interest. Now interest this again could be the key, your son's heart is not in it by is opinion. I know where you are coming from also your son who as made a decision that is very important to him. Time will make up if he goes college he as gained not lose out. He will find his own way and he will learn also from right and wrong. Would you want your son be happy and knowing while happy he will flourish his career.  I let my teenager at that time go I had to treat my teenager as a adult as take a deep breath and excepted my teenagers wish. This was one of the best decisions I made my teenager is now a barrister which gives me advice. Food for thought where would the career have landed unhappy and frustrated. I am speaking on my similar situation and for me everything ironed out. Good luck and think of the weighs and cons and think he is becomming a man. 
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