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Getting Cheesed Off with the Dribble

johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
Why is it that when you write to your assessment centre you never get an answer to the questions you ask.For example preparing meals,toilet needs,washing and bathing,and managing treatments,I get help for all theses activities my scores were 2 points and 3 points for getting in and out of bath,Yhese points should have been at least double this.They say in the report that yes we agree you need help with this that and the other,They have not increased any points for any of those activities.They also said that they take all risk factors into account,I dont think they do.


  • Justice
    Justice Member Posts: 206 Pioneering
    Johnny I wonder why they have descriptors if they do not abide by them, they seem to make it all up as they go along. You know you can see online the Handbook for the assessors? This is their guidelines, and how they should carry out an assessment. It is a lot of reading, and I have not worked my way through it all yet, but so far it makes interesting reading, and so far I can see that they take no notice of it at all.

    I would mention, if I were you, when you complain or put in your appeal that you feel they are not following their own guidelines which they do have a duty to follow.

    I wish you well, Johnny, keep your chin up M8 :smiley:


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